Simplify Your Logistics Needs with GTLN

GTLN Integrated Service

All-in one service package that includes First Mile, Line Haul, Customs Clearance, and Last Mile services.

PT Global Trade Logistics Network - We Simplify

Legal and Safe Logistics Services

GTLN ensures that our services comply with all country requirements to make sure that each parcel is released and deliver in time.

Supporting Logistics Inquiries System

At GTLN, each parcels are thoroughly and accurately monitored from the moment the parcels are sorted until the parcels are delivered safely to you using the API interface and seller portal.

Competitive Price

Find the best deal for your ecommerce logistics business inquire with GTLN.

Suit Your Logistics Needs

GTLN provides an integrated service tailored specifically for your e-commerce business; fast, reliable, traceable, and also complete with international standard express courier service.

No Stock No Dead Capital

Ship your order according to inquiries from customer which require no stock from destination end.

PT Global Trade Logistics Network - Your Business Needs

Parcel Tracking Facilities

GTLN enables all parties related to the shipment, such as the sellers, platform, and buyers to track the shipment status.

Our Service

About Us

We Localize Global Trade

PT Global Trade Logistics Network

Established in 2015, PT Global Trade Logistics Network (GTLN) is an E-Commerce Courier Company that aims to localize global trade, specifically through fulfilling the needs for cross border e-commerce logistics. GTLN upholds five core values, which are Honesty, Responsibility, Continuous Improvement, Cooperation, and Customer Focus. GTLN missions are to facilitate foreigners in buying local products through online platform and to facilitate local people in buying overseas product through online platform.

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