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We Localize Global Trade

PT Global Trade Logistics Network

Established in 2015, PT Global Trade Logistics Network (GTLN) is an E-Commerce Courier Company that aims to localize global trade, specifically through fulfilling the needs for cross border e-commerce logistics. GTLN upholds five core values, which are Honesty, Responsibility, Continuous Improvement, Cooperation, and Customer Focus. GTLN missions are to facilitate foreigners in buying local products through online platform and to facilitate local people in buying overseas product through online platform.

In thriving amidst the dynamics of e-commerce industry, GTLN does not only provide speedy, but also excellent service. In order to achieve a speedy and excellent service, GTLN is equipped with cutting edge technology, experienced human resources, streamlined business process, and experience in handling e-commerce shipments.

GTLN puts customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list, therefore to simplify our customers’ concerns, GTLN provides integrated services that include First Mile, Line Haul, Customs Clearance, and Last Mile Delivery, that can be customized to suit your e-commerce business needs. GTLN understands that each parcel is as valuable as all others, therefore GTLN can provide suitable handling in order to ensure that each parcel is delivered excellently to each consignee.